Release schedule:Spring 2019
Pre-registration Rewards:
1萬人達成:鑽石 50個
3萬人達成:鑽石 100個
5萬人達成:鑽石 200個
10萬人達成:鑽石 250個
15萬人達成:鑽石 500個
20萬人達成:鑽石 1000個
30萬人達成:鑽石 2000個
50萬人達成:SSR 服裝
100萬人達成:SSR 豪華服裝

Memories of link/Diva Destiny is an anisong dancing game with over 1000 licensed anisongs. 


• 5 "Livemode" for your performance!
• Whether it's a SAO song or A Certain Magical Index song, you get to dance to them!
• DIY dance moves - create your own unique choreography!
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