Kamigatamaru's School of Japan is an educational tool app for Japanese culture lovers. Welcome to Kamigatamaru's traditional Japanese culture school. With this app you can have fun while learning about the traditional arts born in the Kamigata region. Kamigatamaru has moved to Osaka to learn the traditional performing arts of the Kamigata region. There he encounters the ghosts of Zeami, Chikamatsu, and Okuni, who decide to teach him the basics of Noh, Bunraku and Kabuki. Listen to the lectures, and earn money by playing games and testing what you’ve learned, Then you can buy the necessary furniture / costumes to display in your room or dressing room. You can also buy hairstyles and foods that match your taste. Help Kamigatamaru master the traditional performing arts of Japan.

· Learn Noh, Bunraku and Kabuki, and collect costumes and hairstyles.
· You can learn from Zeami, Chikamatsu and Okuni about the traditional arts.
· Make money by playing games about each of the traditional performing arts.
· By presenting what you’ve learned, you unlock the necessary furniture for a dressing room
· Collect furniture and props for your own room and dressing room.
· You can check the stages where each art is performed on the map of Osaka
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.2
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Kamigatamaru's School of Japan - Performing Arts 上方丸的傳統文化塾:能・文樂・歌舞伎 will be installed on your device. Petko Slavov, Yanko Popov Download APK
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