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BLACK STELLA Iи:FernØ is an RPG developed by CyberStep, Inc.. The game is the redeveloped version of the previously terminated project called "Black Stella". Black Stella was a "mystic RPG" with its setting provided by Girls Und Panzer's Takaaki Suzuki, scenario written by Saekano's Fumiaki Maruto, Re: Zero's Tappei Nagatsuki, and Lugal Gigam's Yoshiaki Inaba. The game is currently available in Japanese on iOS and Android.

The story of BLACK STELLA Iи:FernØ is set in an imaginary future of Tokyo, Japan, where the world becomes chaotic and full of monsters due to a massive land collapse that disrupts human civilization. The player's role in this game is to fight against these mysterious monsters and put a halt to this catastrophe.

Although the original BLACK STELLA game was known as a 2D turn-based RPG,  BLACK STELLA Iи:FernØ is redesigned into a multiplayer real-time RPG, which suits the overall worldview of the game better. In BLACK STELLA Iи:FernØ, the player needs to deploy different character units on the map of each stage to fight against the enemies in tower-defense style. A maximum of three players can challenge a stage together, and there will be characters appearing during battles to assist the players. Therefore, communication and cooperation are key factors to success in this game.

As all the characters in the game are designed by the famous Japanese illustrator OGch, they are full of interesting personalities and charisma in their own ways. In addition to the amazing voice-acting by professional voice-actors, players would love the representation of characters in-game. Apart from the main battles, players can form communities called "Circles" among themselves to interact with one another. With this interesting feature, players can discuss tactics together or just casually chat for fun.

You can find more information about this project on its official Twitter @BLACKSTELLA_IN and website https://www.blackstella.jp/.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.2
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