Release schedule:2019-04-26
Pre-registration Rewards:
5000: Material x1000
10,000: Construction Ticket x5 
15,000: ★4 610 Oxygen Torpedo 
20,000: Diamond x300
25,000: ★3 Juno 
30,000: Material x3000
35,000: Speed-up Ticket x5
40,000: Diamond x500 
45,000: ★5 365 Twin Gun Mount 
50,000: ★3 Fubuki

Guardian Project is a localised version of Chinese made 3D simulation RPG, Blue Destiny Story: Sea Saga (超次元大海戰). 

Humans no longer live on The Earth's surface. Instead, they live in capsules and have Androids - dubbed the Guardian - protecting them. Peace did not last for long. Some Guardians have turned their back on humans...
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