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Release date: In 2024
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◇◆What's the game like?◆◇


An RPG where you go on adventures with pixel art versions of Disney characters!
Classic characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck appear! Pooh, Aladdin, Ariel, Baymax, Stitch, Aurora, Maleficent, and other fan favorites join the fun as well!
Dive into a never-before-seen Disney world where familiar characters get new looks themed around rhythm games, board games, and various other genres!


The game worlds that the Disney characters call home have suddenly been invaded by strange programs, resulting in chaos.
Previously isolated game worlds have become connected... causing unexpected encounters between characters and throwing them into confusion.
Take on the role of a player of these games and join Disney characters as you embark on an epic quest across multiple game worlds to restore order!


- Battles -
Simple battles that are fun for all!
Enjoy fast-paced battles alongside Disney characters that you can direct with simple commands.
You can also let the characters battle on their own with auto mode for even more ease of gameplay.
More experienced RPG players can delve deeper by strategizing and making use of the Attack, Defend, and Skill commands to seize victory!

- Avatars -
Combine your favorite hairstyles and outfits to make your own unique Avatar!
Disney-themed clothing items are featured!
Put together outfits that suit your mood.

- Expeditions -
Gather materials and power up characters while you're away.
Pixelated Disney characters can explore the game worlds even when you're not playing.
You'll obtain various items when they return from Expeditions.

□Great for players who:

・Are big fans of Disney
・Love pixel games
・Often play RPGs
・Are looking for a beginner-friendly RPG
・Like casual gaming apps
・Like cute art styles
・Like customizing avatars and outfits

□Featuring characters from:

・Disney Mickey & Friends
・Disney's Sleeping Beauty
・Disney's Tangled
・Disney's Mulan
・Disney's Aladdin
・Disney's Peter Pan
・Disney's Zootopia
・Disney's Lilo & Stitch
・Disney's The Aristocats
・Disney's The Little Mermaid
・Disney's Winnie the Pooh
・Disney's Big Hero 6
and more!

*Information and gameplay images on this page reflect content still under development.
Actual game content at the time of release may differ.
Release date: In 2024
Pre-registration Rewards:

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