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[Game Background]
In the continent of Alteran, where light and darkness intertwine, the duel between gods and demons has never stopped. And you, as a brave commander, will lead your troops to embark on a thrilling adventure in this ancient and mysterious continent.

[Heroes Go Out]
Are you eager to become a legendary hero and save Alteran from the dire straits? Here, you can choose your hero and form your strongest team. Each hero has unique skills and positioning, and their combination will determine your tactics and strategy.

[Featured 6V6 Hang-up Battle]
Tired of tedious operations and endless waiting? In "Alteran: The Dispute between Light and Dark", we bring you a unique 6V6 hang-up battle mode. With just a simple setting, your hero will automatically fight for you, allowing you to easily enjoy the fun of the game.

[Rich Cultivation System]
The hero's growth path is full of challenges, but it will also bring rich rewards. Through the rich cultivation system, you can improve the hero's level, skills, equipment, etc. to make them stronger. At the same time, there are many ways to develop your game waiting for your exploration, so that you can leave your own legend on the continent of Alteran.

[Faction Hegemony]
There are three major camps on the continent of Alteran: the Order Camp that advocates rules and justice, the Savage Camp that advocates originality and balance, and the Undead Camp that advocates death and corruption. Choose your camp, fight for the hegemony of the continent with like-minded partners, and write your own glorious chapter.

[Challenge of the Dark Emperor]
The Dark Emperor, who was exiled to another plane, is plotting to return to the continent of Alteran. You need to form the most powerful team and start an epic duel with the Dark Emperor. Only by defeating him can you protect the peace and prosperity of Alteran.
"Alteran: The Conflict of Light and Darkness"
Join the game now, become the guardian of the continent of Alteran, and write this legendary story together with many heroes
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.1
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