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Noctilucent: Before Dawn is an adult-oriented mobile game with a diverse cast of characters. 

Legend has it that there is a mysterious flower imbued with power,
that can only be found by the chosen one.
There were many who sought power in their search for the flower,
but their efforts were in vain.
Only one young man had overcome the obstacles to find the flower.
"You shall become an agent of the gods..."

The flower, cradled in the palm of the young man,
was taken from him one fateful night.
"Go forth, embark on your journey... and find the White Flower..."
Guided by the divine and his own will,
the young man set out on a quest to find the flower once again,
forging bonds with talented companions along the way.

At the end of his journey, the young man reclaims the white flower...
But he did not realize, although the flower's color remained,
its purity had long since faded...
Now, all who came into contact with the white flower
would be cursed for all eternity.

The young man used the white flower granted by the gods as his symbol
and established the Kingdom of Nirai,
where people live in peace and prosperity, and the land is fertile.
Until one day, the cursed flower started to spread throughout the land.
A pandemic ensued, leading to misery and suffering,
ultimately culminating in a war—
that shattered the once-mighty kingdom overnight...

As time passed, the past became buried in dust.
A white-haired youth, living a humble life as a wheat farmer,
embarks on his journey...
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