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Through the Missing Link, the B218 Exos continent connected to numerous multiverses.

Various Heroes have gathered in DESPERADO B218 as agents to solve this, and as time passes, the agents discover another B218 Exos continent that retains the appearance of its past self.

It's unclear whether this place is the true past of the B218 Exos continent or just a location facing a similar fate.

Perhaps they can prevent another Missing Link.
Perhaps they can discover clues to the Missing Link here.
Perhaps they can change the past to prevent the Missing Link of B218.

Now, the agents initiate Project "Journey Through Memory Lane" to uncover the truth of this place.

■ Charming Agents
Meet various agents with their own unique charms.

■ Strategic Battles
You can engage in strategic battles, which includes special effects based on elemental advantages.

■ Flashy Skill Effects
See flashy skill effects that are different from agent to agent.

■ Dye Agents
You can dye your favorite Agents in a unique color.

DESPERADO B218 requires the following access to provide smooth gameplay.

[Required Access]
- None

[Optional Access]
- Photos, media, files: Used for saving gameplay screenshots and videos

After allowing access, you may change or cancel the access by following these steps.

[For versions 6.0 or higher]
Settings → Apps → Select App → Permissions → Select Allow or Don't Allow

[For versions lower than 6.0]
Upgrade the version and cancel your permission or delete the app
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 1.5
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