Release date:2019
Pre-registration Rewards:
Over 10,000 pre-registrations: Users are awarded 25x D-Crystals and 50,000x Funds
Over 30,000 pre-registrations: Users are awarded 5x Pilot City Challenge Tickets, 25x D-Crystals, 75x Reconstruction Materials (15x each for Attack, Defense, Health Points, Exercise, Sight)
Over 50,000 pre-registrations: Users are awarded 50x D-Crystals and 5x Super Rare Enhancement Materials
Over 70,000 pre-registrations: Users are awarded Heleb and Neger, 50x D-Crystals, 120x Memory Orbs, Memory Orbs I versions (Crimson, Amber, Emerald, Sapphire) 15x each
Over 100,000 pre-registrations: Meg (Dido) Super Star Rare, 100x D-Crystals, 5x Ability Enhancement Materials-R

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