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"MoNSONI!" is a full-fledged rhythm game that lets you enjoy what you love even more.

+++【Game Introduction】+++

▼"MoNSONI!" is a music-themed spin-off project of Monster Strike.
Lucifer, Satan, Ibaraki Doji's "Immoral Pistols" and others.
A variety of unique characters will appear one after another forming music groups!

▼ An original story exclusive to the app Set in Monsoni City, the new story of "MoNSONI!"
Follow the exciting story that wasn't depicted in the anime!
In addition, stories about many units and characters that have not been told much until now will be released sequentially!
The story is brought to life with full voice acting from a star-studded cast of voice actors!


App itself: Free *Some items require payment. (Additional information will be provided when billing begins)

+++【Required Environment】+++

Android 8.0 and above

*Please note that we cannot provide support or compensation for devices other than those that meet the required environment.
Please be sure to read the terms of use displayed in the "Application License Agreement" before using the service.

+++【Related Information】+++

Official website: https://anime.monster-strike.com/monsoni/
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.8
10 Rating(s), 15 Comment(s)
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