Release schedule:2018-11
Pre-registration Rewards:
Breaching 1,000 pre-registrations: Romantic Dress Set (Eyebrows, Eyes, Nose, Mouth)

Breaching 2,000 pre-registrations: Elegant Dress Set (Eyebrows, Eyes, Nose, Mouth)

Breaching 3,000 pre-registrations: Star Diamonds x1000

Breaching 4,000 pre-registrations: Gashapon Tickets x5

Breaching 5,000 pre-registrations: Elegant Prince’s Hairstyle

Breaching 6,000 pre-registrations: Gashapon Tickets x7

Breaching 7,000 pre-registrations: Romantic Princess’ Hairstyle + Dreamy Headdress

Breaching 8,000 pre-registrations: Castle Reception

Breaching 9,000 pre-registrations: The Elegant Prince

Breaching 10,000 pre-registrations: The Romantic Princess

Starway Friends is a social interaction mobile game, as player you’ll be acting as the master controller in customizing your home’s amenities. Whether it be clothes, decorations or facilities, you will also have the pleasure of visiting other people’s households for even more juicy interactions!
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