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SpiritWish is a mobile MMORPG game where players would summon their memories while living in a fairy tale world. The game's features are as follows:


■ Multi-character
Stop playing games by just controlling a single character! Now let's play 3 characters at a time!
Create your own unique combination of characters.

■ An epic lore
Experience disputes between the kingdoms surrounding the ownership of Sampo, and experience the epic poems of heroes who have ventured into adventure.

■ Party-system
Complete your own adventure by combining characters with various occupations and features.

■ Real-time relay automatic duel PVP system
Strategies are required for winning the game, and a fast auto duel PVP system is implemented.

■ Various dungeon systems
Dungeons with various monsters and powerful raid systems.

■ Guild system
The guild that won Sampo is able to produce items and gain the power of the Senator.

■ Event system set up by the players themselves
Become a member of the council, initiate the main agenda, resolve and open the event on the server.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.3
65 Rating(s), 78 Comment(s)
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