In-game Language settings supported: T.Chinese/EN/TH/VN/FR/DE.

The most fascinated Action PRG with the unique signature rendering style!
Dynamic game plays and controls with the unique ‘Tag Action’ system feature included, which enables players to swap between their Heroes and Guardians to activate with combo chains to bring down the enemies!
◆ The epic synergies between Heroes and Guardians! ◆
Must overcome the fearful enemies with the help of both Heroes and Guardians!
◆ Guardian Transformation! ◆
Enchant your sacred cores to strengthen your Guardians!
◆ 50 stages of the epic story line! ◆
Find the blessed relics and take down the evil Diabolus! For the Tera!
◆ Unpredictable Maze Mode! ◆
Must survive to find hidden relics in the maze of the unknown, where the monsters await
you as the way you cannot imagine!
◆Real-time Arena mode! ◆
Test your true strength up against enemies in the 2 vs 2 arena mode!
◆ Vast equipment! ◆
Total 7 different grade range of all equipment parts!
◆ Adventure with the followers! ◆
Assign followers to complete quests! And receive exclusive rewards!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.8
26 Rating(s), 5 Comment(s)
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