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Cyberbell: Flux is a new concept war chess SRPG,you can set cells, summon and attack enemies through tactics.

※Revolutionary Strategy Card Game.※
A unique turn-based strategy game which blends the features of war chess, match 3 as well as card games. Easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master. Flux and Fuse your way to victory in a volatile strategy game that can change at any moment!

※Set Cells & Fuse Heroes for Combat!※
Fuse same coloredenergy cells to summon your heroes to the field. Set your cells strategically to absorb enemy units into your fusion chains to evolve your own heroes. Timing is also important to activate your Flux Skills and Flux your enemy before they Flux you!

※Electrifying Strategic Duels※
Fusion chains allow the flow of battle to change at any moment.Just when you think you’re about to lose, absorb your opponents units to create powerful evolved allies, then unleash powerful Flux Skills that turn the battle in your favor. The tide of battle can change at any moment so place your cells carefully and don’t get Fluxed!

※Collect Over 100 Cyberpunk Heroes.※
With 3 base classes to choose from, Assassin, Guardian, and Marksman, collect and create your perfect team of cyberpunk heroes to do battle against your enemy.Fuse your heroes strategically to activate their unique Flux Skills or evolve them into 1 of 8 advanced classes for endless possibilities.

※Push your Deck to the Limits!!※
Whether you prefer the single player story, challenge puzzles, or battling other players worldwide, you will have the chance to push your deck to the extremes of what it can do. Dive into the world of Cybercell and get your Flux on.
Release date:End of August 2018
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(Shard) Olivia · Campus *2

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