While creating an island, you can heal it while listening to rain and music.
Let's create your island.

◇ About
You select "Layout" and put land, tree.
Tree can get Energy, coin and wood.
Energy make island grow up.

◇ Sound, Rain
Sound changes day by day.
There is a sunny day only once a week.
The color changes according to the time zone.
※Necessary network connection.

◇ Book
You can get a heritage by using crystal.
When get a new heritage, it will be added to the book.
Crystals can get from quests and birds.
Heritage is planned to increase with the update.

◇ Quest
Can challenge quests three times a day.
When you clear the quest, you get energy and items and so on.
※ Required island level : 20
※ Reset at twelve o'clock am(UTC + 9).
※ Necessary network connection.

◇ Other island
You will be able to visit an island created by another user.
If you tap huge tree, can get items (three times a day).
※ Required island level : 30

◇ Break bonus
1. Quit app or go to background.
2. Can get energy, coin and wood after the elapse of a certain period of time.

◇ Ad Movie
There has a stock.
If stock runs out, you may not be able to watch ad movie.
※ Depending on your model, movies may not be supported and may not be played properly.

◇ Skip ad movie
If you buy "Skip ad movie", you can skip ad movie and get item.
You can purchase with "Store".
※ Once purchased, the effect is permanent.

◇ Cloud save and load.
Save : "Menu" → "Save"
Load : "Title" → "Load" → Input "Backup code" and put ok button.
※ "Backup code" is on the menu.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.7
21 Rating(s), 1 Comment(s)
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