Release date:2018年
Pre-registration Rewards:
Pre-registrations reach 10,000 users: S-Materials 300x (Equivalent to 1x Gacha Rolls)
Pre-registrations reach 30,000 users: S-Materials 900x (Equivalent to 3x Gacha Rolls)
Pre-registrations reach 50,000 users: S-Materials 1500x (Equivalent to 5x Gacha Rolls)
Pre-registrations reach 70,000 users: S-Materials 2100x (Equivalent to 7x Gacha Rolls)
Pre-registrations reach 100,000 users: S-Materials 3000x (Equivalent to 10x Gacha Rolls) + 4-Star or above soldier ticket.

Tokyo Necro is an RPG mobile game brought to by Nitroplus. Tokyo Necro is a port based off the original PC version in 2016. In Tokyo Necron, the game is set in the year of 2199 of a frozen Tokyo cityscape. Players will act as the living dead stalkers in hunting down dead spirits controlled by enemy necromancers. Begin your mission and liberate Tokyo from these stone cold devils!
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