Release schedule:2018年五月中旬
Pre-registration Rewards:
First Set
Players who login will be gifted 100,000x Gold Coins, 100x Green Radishes, 1x High Rarity Summoner Ticket

Second Set
Login everyday during the event period to qualify for the lucky lottery. You will have a chance to win a Samsung GALAXY S9+ Smartphone.

Third Set: Global Server Side Awards
Pre-registrations breach 10,000 users: All global server players will receive 100,000x Gold coins
Pre-registrations breach 30,000 users: All global server players will receive 50x Green Radishes
Pre-registrations breach 50,000 users: All global server players will receive 100x Red Carrots
Pre-registrations breach 70,000 users: All global server players will receive 1x High to Super Rare Summoner Gacha roll ticket

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Red Stone 2 is a fantasy MMORPG mobile game. As the newest sequel to the series, the game will retain a good portion of its original gameplay mechanics and features. You’ll be able to pick up to 4 starting classes whether it be the Archer, Warrior, Priest or Fighters. Get stuck in for a once in every century adventure where you’ll be on a conquest to gather all the red stone pieces.
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