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Forever 7 Days is a character-driven based mobile game developed by NetEase. This RPG is set within a urban fantasy cityscape where you will be in control of heroes engaged in real-time combat. There will be multiple plot paths you can take which will allow for a highly enriching experience as well as experiencing well renowned VA works such as Kana Hanazawa!


You’ve just arrived to a modern day city that is enshrouded in mystery, a place where an never-ending loop occurs which resets time on a 7 day basis.

The game’s story takes place within the modern capital known as Linhai. On one particular day, a black portal emerges upon the city. Celestial beings emerge from the portal as they invade our turf and set their eyes upon consuming the city’s energy.

You will be in charge of determining your fate within those 7 days, everything you do within those 7 days, will have a impact on the development of future events. Once every 7 days, the truth and fate of the city shall be unfolded. Will we triumph? Or will it be death?


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This product invited many well known artists for the production. Based on NetEase self developed engine and unique technological performance, the 2.5D anime style will bring forth a special visual experience for our commanders.
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