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Five Kingdom(The tale of Five Kingdoms) is a role-playing game, this is the Traditional Chinese version.

Famous Korea game developer presents!
SS rank Korean style strategy RPG game !
Super high quality graphics X Original Korean voice actor!
Fascinating 3D character models, outrageous skill animation!
Uniqui "Time Stop" controls, hundreds of outfits, supersonic eye-blowing!
【Hundreds of heroes from five kingdoms】
Hundreds of heroes from different world spaces! Different stories, unique skills!
【Ultimate Korean style graphics】
Gorgeous UIs, icon and animations! Every character has it's own super skill!
【Time Stop controls & instant strategy】
Stop the time whenever you like! Set all your heros and press fight!
【Awesome skills & Leader buffs】
Numerous unique hero skills, with legendary armor and devil stones, creates your own strategy!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.4
312 Rating(s), 85 Comment(s)
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