Release schedule:2018年
Pre-registration Rewards:
Starting Gift Bonus: Players awarded 30x Love Orbs (Equivalent to 1x Gacha Roll)
Pre-registrations over 7,000 users: Players awarded 60x Love Orbs (Equivalent to 2x Gacha Rolls)
Pre-registrations over 10,000 users: Players awarded 90x Love Orbs (Equivalent to 3x Gacha Rolls)
Pre-registrations over 20,000 users: Players awarded 180x Love Orbs (Equivalent to 6x Gacha Rolls) + 3x Stamina Recovery Item
Pre-registrations over 30,000 users: Players awarded 300x Love Orbs (Equivalent to 10x Gacha Rolls) + 3x Stamina Recovery Item


Wakidenai is set in Edo. The heroine is an orphan girl whose emotion and heart is taken away by a mysterious sorcerer. To lift such a curse, she seeks help from other sorcerers and begins a romantic journey with them.

In the game, players have to form a team of sorcerers and collect “emotion jewels”. The goal is to assist the heroine in retrieving the love and feelings she has lost.

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