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Kurokishi to Shiro no Maouis, a mobile RPG that revolves around the paradox of justice, on one side a white demon king leads with love as justice, on the other a black knight leads with protecting the world as his justice. The conflict between both definitions of justice brews a war. 


The best part of this RPG mobile game is that it will have a character drop rate of 12.8% for the Super Rare Rarity characters! Get a hold of those Super Rare Rarity warriors and start venturing out!


Fight as a 4-man platoon. Intense Guild Wars. Ecstatic PvP Battles


With battles supporting up to 4 members,
Get yourself heated up for some intense guild battles! Or you could be ambitious and try a grandeur set up of 16 members opposing another? In that case, gather your friends to organize your very own guild and aim for the top dog S-Rank to show who is the best in the block!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.0
637 Rating(s), 28 Comment(s)
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