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《Tengu:Hiding The Moon》 is a special physical puzzle game.
A star-stone is involved in the conflict and unity of Tengu, four elements, Sun creature and Moon creature.
The star-stone's formation, existence, destruction, and emptiness affect the human beings and the world.

Characteristics of the game
* The pictures are created by geometric structures and layered colors.
We want to build an artistic style by finding the difference while reserving commonness.

* We create some special playing methods which combine wind, fire, water and thunder images.

* The soundtracks make the pictures become more graceful and refined.

* Telling the story with painting book can help players understand the world.

● 2016 4C Digital Creation Contest | Game class| Gold Award
● 2016 SOTEAM | Mobile game class | Gold Award
● 2016 Vision Get Wild | Planning class | Silver Award
● 2016 Vision Get Wild | Mobile game class | Bronze Award
● 2016 ACG Bahamut | Mobile game class | Preferred
● 2016 Youth Innovative Design Festival | Game class | Preferred
● 2016 Ktaward | Game class | Popular Science Award

● YOUNG PIN DESIGN AWARD | Digital multimedia design class | Best design, Vendor sponsorship
● IMGA China 1st
● Taipei Game Show (Indie Game Award)

About us
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.5
6 Rating(s), 2 Comment(s)
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