Release date:2018年5月
Pre-registration Rewards:
Pre-registered over 1,000 users: Players are awarded 100x Pieces of Magic Metal
Pre-registered over 2,000 users: Players are awarded 5x Dream Forge Powder
Pre-registered over 3,000 users: Players are awarded 1x Weapon Card
Pre-registered over 5,000 users: Players are awarded 400x Pieces of Magic Metal

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Zold:out is a strategy RPG mobile game brought to you by game developers C4 Cat. Set within the Aojin Portbay where a young boy named Oscar who acquires a weapon store during a banking crisis. Due to the differing natures of the nearby neighbours, all the residents gather together and congregate at this weapons store for a purpose. With over 16 characters for you to choose from as well as 3 four-star characters. Start your incredible adventure now!

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