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☞ Other Version(s): Addictive Hostess 3

▼△▼△ Game Contents ▼△▼△
◆Company management
You will be doing business suddenly from Neat.
By hiring staff and making work, funds are saved and making the company bigger
You will love romance with Nightclub's Hostess

1. Hire a staff.
2. Introduction of work
3. We will send staff to work.
As time goes by, the staff can come back and earn money.
By cultivating staff you can easily earn money.

▼△▼△ Romance Visual Novel game ▼△▼△
・I am in love with the hostess
There are two points to win the hostess.
① Let's order alcohol and contribute to sales of the hostess
② Let's raise familiarity with fun conversations and gifts

When two points are reached, the scenario is released.
As we go forward the scenario will go on a date.

◆ 4 men appearing ladies
Two persons of Hua · Suzaka appear in addition to Lui · Suzuku who appeared in past series
※ When you release it you can select only Rui and Hana.

◆ Mafia Kajida appeared!
Mafia Kajida who appeared as a guest with the first work of Miss Cava got drunk this time as a staff appeared
I will distribute it as a gift after the tutorial is over.
Please GET Rare Characters on this occasion.
※ You can earn only staff gacha during normal times

◆ Avatar function
If you present a dress to Miss Cava, Miss Cava will change that dress.
- In addition to dresses, you can also present necklaces and accessories.

◆ Break for a bit, also a slot game
There is nothing to send a staff! Is it?
No, that's not true. Let's increase more money earned in slot games.

◆ Master caba active supervision! Is it?
From the contents of the game to the conversation I take up the opinion of the active cabarette abundantly.
There may be conversation actually thought by Miss Caba.

◆ People who are actually in the game
▶ You can meet Masamichi manager at somewhere in Kabukicho. Please try looking.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.6
13 Rating(s), 9 Comment(s)
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