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  • Package ID:com.klab.yuhaku_maji_battle Requirements:Android 4.4+ Version:1.3.1 Last Updated:2019-01-31
  • APK Size:87.06 MB Data pack:N/A Require VPN:No Support rooted device:Yes
Yu Yu Hakusho 100% Maji Battle is a mobile command RPG based on the popular manga and TV anime series Yu Yu Hakusho (幽☆遊☆白書) created by Yoshihiro Togashi (冨樫 義博). The game is a tribute to the 25th anniversary to the Yu Yu Hakusho TV anime series.

• Battle: Form a dream team of 5, simply tap skills at the right moment during auto battles!
• Story: Revisit famous scenes from the anime with new voice acting from the original cast!
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