2048WARS -PvP Puzzle-

2048 大戰 - PvP Puzzle - Install

2048WARS -PvP Puzzle-

Developer: mashloop

3.3 (2 Reviews)

Version:2048.0.9 (2017-11-11)

APK Size:33.32 MB

Requires:Android 4.0.3 +

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The worldwide smash hit puzzle game "2048" is now available as an online multiplayer game!

Keeping its simplicity, it has become even more addictive with snap judgement required in the multiplayer mode.

Compete against your friends and family, or even the best players in the world.

Never played 2048 before? No worries! "2048 mode" for single player is also available to learn what it is all about!

[Basic Rules]

Swipe panels of the same numbers to merge them.

For example, when merging 8 with another 8, you get 16!

Keep swiping the panels to make larger numbers. When you fill up the board with panels that you cannot merge anymore, the game is over, so think ahead!

[Multiplayer Mode]

You can tap panels of 16 or higher to block your opponent's area! To remove this blocker panel sent from your opponent, merge it with the same number panel, then send it back to your opponent as a larger number blocker. Win the match by sending more of those blockers to paralyze your opponent!

If you constantly get disconnected while playing, turning off your Wi-Fi may improve the connection.