A whole new take on the pedometer game genre!
Idle Walkers is an Idle RPG with healthcare features(Pedometer) that fits into any lifestyle!
Go out on an adventure with nostalgic 8-bit units.
A must-have app for walkers seeking a quick and easy way to get fit!

▼ Simple Rules!!
Just tap, tap, and tap!
Hit the enemies with your units to send them flying!

▼ Let your units fight for you!
No need to understand the complex rules and all those swipes of today's games.
Just upgrade your units and let them fight for you!

▼ Walk to earn precious gold!
Get gold just by walking!
Leave the phone in your pocket and walk away!
Have fun and get fit!

▼ Collect and Upgrade Units!!
Gather units and weapons from defeated enemies!
Collect them all and upgrade!

*Idle RPGs are...
A new and enjoyable genre also called incremental games. The game progresses even when the app is inactive.

~~~System Requirements~~~
OS: Android 4.4 or later
*App may not run on some devices even if they run the required OS version.
*The app needs Google Fit to also be installed to link your steps to the app.

Terms of Service:
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 1.8
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