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Azur Lane is a mobile shooting game that features anthropomorphisms of naval warships. The game is set in a world under the invasion of a mysterious enemy. An Alliance Army named Azur Lane was created to push back the invasion. Players play the role of a commander to create and raise their own fleet.


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Player Name:Xiegleid

Introduction: Always gets Event Ship for Only 40 cubes or less. 😅😅😅😅😅

x Dealth xアズールレーン

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Player Name:xDEALTHx
Player ID:wakanai

Introduction: OPPAI DESU

Anch Bautistaアズールレーン

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Player Name:Anch
Player ID:Anch

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Player Name:Prinz and Akagi
Player ID:Bayaya44

Introduction: My Phone Homescreen

Dia Kurosawaアズールレーン

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Player Name:Diana (Laffey Kai)
Player ID:1011696143


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