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Terra Battle 2 is the successor to Terra Battle, which is also a mobile game that shares the same universe. The coming game will inherit the setting from the first game and have a plot that is the direct continuation of the first one.

Pre-Registration Rewards:
Over 10,000: Normal Energy x10
Over 20,000: Blue Bird x1
Over 30,000: Normal Energy x30
Over 40,000: Field Item Set x1
Over 50,000: Sarah’s Sword x1
Over 60,000: Ahn Coin x3,000
Over 70,000: Normal Energy x10
Over 80,000: Khem’s Staff x1
Over 90,000: Anti-energy and Fores Seed x1
Over 100,000: Golden Bird x1
Over 120,000: Normal Energy x10
Over 140,000: Sarah’s Garb x1
Over 160,000: Pact of Resolve Ticket x1
Over 180,000: Normal Energy x10
Over 200,000: Guardian Samantha x1
Over 300,000: Original artwork by Tetsuya Nomura(All works on ©QooApp are original. Please cite as the source when reposting. ) #9107

Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.2
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