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Suspicion and lies intertwine in this exciting room escape adventure!
It's an enthralling web of deceit set in prison — and only one person is telling the truth!
[ Escape-the-Horror Series ]

--【 Infinite Prison 】--

▼ Story
Three innocent girls, all strangers to one another, but united by common tragedy...
incarceration on false charges in an underground prison known as Catacombe!
Uncover Catacombe's secrets using your wits, courage, and intuition!
Help orchestrate a breakout and escape with your lives...by any means necessary!
— The characters, organizations, locations, and events in this game are all based on fiction.
— Infinite Prison is a hybrid room escape adventure game. It can be played all the way to the end for free.

▼ Cross-Genre Gameplay: Room Escape Adventure!
Infinite Prison infuses an exciting adventure-style storyline into the room escape genre that you know and love!
Explore an immersive environment and solve puzzles while enjoying scenario after scenario of horror, suspense, and deceit!

▼ Summary & Features
・Scary but fun! Full of intriguing horror and supernatural themes!
・Engaging and engrossing storyline riddled with puzzles and other mysteries! An exciting cross-genre gaming experience!
・Play over and over again! Branching scenarios, multiple endings, unlockable character galleries, and more!
・Simple, intuitive controls! Easy for anyone to pick up and play on the go!
・Conveniently auto-saves your progress when you complete each stage!

▼ How to Play
・Gather clues and find items, then use them to solve a variety of puzzles! Take one of the girls by the hand and escape the dreaded prison together!
・Search your surroundings! Tap on points of interest and other suspicious locations; you never know what items and other secrets you might discover!
・Think smart! Be resourceful! Use items as they are, or craft them together with others to make new ones!

▼ Recommended for...
・Fans of the mystery, suspense, room escape, and adventure genres
・Players craving games filled with horror, suspense, panic, and other supernatural themes
・Fans of urban legends and scary stories
・Players longing for a fun room escape adventure with a unique, engaging story

▼ Sound Credits
・びたちー素材館 http://www.vita-chi.net/sozai1.htm
・ポケットサウンド http://pocket-se.info/
・魔王魂 http://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/
・効果音ラボ http://soundeffect-lab.info/
・甘茶の音楽工房 http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/
・げきばん! http://soundjewel.symphie.jp/product/gekiban/free/

▼ Miscellaneous
・This app does not support device changes or data restoration. Please manage and back up your data carefully.

▼ Derivative works and other user content
・Derivative works and other content based on this game may, with certain exceptions, be freely created and made available to the public at the creator's discretion.

These include (but are not limited to) illustrations, app reviews, walkthroughs, guides, video playthroughs, fan fiction, and other tributes.
 — The "Secret Whispers" mini-story collection is a paid feature. Please refrain from releasing, sharing, or distributing any of its content (illustrations, text, or sounds).
 — Please include appropriate source/credit notation (e.g. URLs) when posting any content.
 — The permissions explained in this section do not constitute the abandonment of copyright.
・The use and/or extraction of graphics, illustrations, sounds, and other in-game assets is strictly prohibited.
・Please be considerate (use spoiler tags and the like) when discussing major plot points and other game elements on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking services (SNS).
 — Example of a spoiler: "I can't believe [CHARACTER NAME] was actually [PLOT POINT]!"
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.3
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