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Voltage Inc.’s latest AR app is here!

Your favorite man is pocket-sized and joining you in the real world!
Talk with him, touch him, or offer him gifts.
Take him out to play in your room, at a cafe, or on a break from work or school and let your troubles melt away!


[Recommended OS]
※Cannot guarantee service on Android 5.0 or below.
※Not recommended for certain smart phones and tablets.


■How to Play
-Call him out to play-
Tap the on-screen arrow and he’ll appear through the doors!
Your pocket-sized boy will say different things depending on the time of day.
If you’re having trouble making your Snuggle Buddy appear, reposition your camera on a specific spot on a flat surface.
If he suddenly disappears while you’re hanging out, tap the refresh button!

-Tap and poke to play with him-
Tap on your man as he walks about to get him to talk and react! Or tap on a different area of the screen and watch him scurry over!
Leave him alone for a while and he may just fall asleep or even say “sayonara!” and leave! Make sure to give your boy lots and lots of attention!

-Offer him your Heart as a present-
Tap the button to make a Heart appear.
Steady your aim and toss him a heart! Make it a direct hit and he’ll be pleased as punch!

-Take photos of him-
Tap the camera icon in the app to take photos!
Place him in the palm of your hand, on a tea cup, or anywhere you like and snap a photo of your very own Snuggle Buddy!
Be the envy of all your friends by showing them your photos!

■Character Introduction
The god of the stars, Scorpio, from “Star-Crossed Myth” is now your very own Snuggle Buddy! He’s so small he can fit in your dresser drawer, or even sit comfortably on your desk at work...!
Your heavenly man is now pocket-sized and part of your world, thanks to his godly powers!
The closer you two become, the more you'll get to see his softer, cuter side - a side you don't often see! Let this surprisingly bashful boy erase all your worldly troubles!

■What is AR?
AR stands for Augmented Reality!
Using your phone, augment your reality to see pictures and movies appear in real life!
With Let’s Snuggle! AR you can bring your favorite characters into the real world with you!

■Suggested for people who...
・Love cute & new things
・Like female-oriented manga, comics, and TV shows
・Enjoy playing video games
・Are interested in fashion, makeup, and interior design
・Enjoy posting photos on social media
・Love Scorpio from “Star-Crossed Myth”
And all romance lovers!


[Terms of Use]
Before playing, you must agree to the terms of use.
Please carefully read and agree to the terms of use before enjoying Let’s Snuggle! AR.

1. We cannot guarantee that the app will operate as described on any other operating system or device other than the ones listed above.
2. The list of recommended devices and operating systems may change at any time without warning.
3. Depending on your device’s usage, the app may be unstable even on recommended devices/operating systems.
4. Voltage Inc. is not responsible for any health-related issues caused by this app.
5. Voltage Inc. is not responsible for any losses or damages caused by this app.


■Questions about the app andor bug reporting
To report an issue within the app or to ask us a question, please contact vagte_en@inq.voltage.co.jp
Please be aware that we cannot respond to App Store reviews.
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