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Defeat the demon king tempered equipment, dungeon RPG.
You can see variously described in the village of beginning.

- How to Play -
You can take only the number of slots and special abilities of the strength of the equipment by a written synthesis.
To discover the equipment, let's strengthen rapidly.
When done in the middle, return to the village at the beginning, the level will lose all items on hand will be 1.
It is done before, will come back in the ReturnBook.

In combat, you can draw a line and attack as you touch an enemy kill.
The same is true when using the skill.
It is done in the middle and forget even flashed the skills that the flash is available again.
When using the skill, you may flash the higher-level skills.
For more information, you can hear in the game.

- For items charged -
The item to not lose, any one of the shield-sword accessories. (about 100yen)
For more information, so it is described at the time of purchase, Please read.

- Important -
Progress is saved automatically.
Please note that you may save your game data is corrupted due to battery or power OFF during storage.
Please note that items disappear and billing uninstalling and deleting data.
Refund of the item I am afraid that I can not support billing.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.9
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