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Developed by Japanese developer Bushiroad and Craft Egg, the game is a project from the girl band franchise BanG Dream!. Beside having musical elements, it is also a simulation game where players are able to foster the girls.
Sarka NovakovaBanG Dream! Girls Band Party! I absolutely love this game!
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Santiaji Trapsilo (SanAdjiP)BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! why I can't update my game anymore?? [大哭][大哭]Read Note
หนูโม ไอ้สลัดใครสแปมหนูBanG Dream! Girls Band Party! ดีมากเลยเสียอย่างสุ่มแล้วเกลื่อ Read Note
꽃듀[파스텔걸과 뱅드림]BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

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Player Name:루나민즈

Introduction: 일도리👏👏👏👏❤

Aleksandra NowakBanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Good[不滿]Read Note


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