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Heal yourself with earcleaning by Nagomi, a cute character in a kimono in a virtual space.
With this app, you can meet Nagomi anytime using just a smartphone and earphones.
The stereophonic sound feels as if Nagomi is whispering into your ear!

It's early summer. Though things have been very busy, at last summer vacation is here.
Nagomi, your cousin, contacted you the other day, asking you if you wanted to come visit to have fun.
You have traveled to the rural town where Nagomi lives. Not having seen her in some time, you're surprised by how mature she's become.
You spent some time talking about everything and nothing with her, but now you're so tired you can barely stay on your feet.

Huh, he looks tired... Oh, I've got an idea!

She notices that you're feeling tired, so she takes out an object she thinks might make you feel better.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.0
72 Rating(s), 29 Comment(s)
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