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Japanese version only.

Dot picture automatic generation Random dungeon half action alchemy mini RPG!

Dungeon gathering items and collecting items, returning and making ruffled items and equipment with returning alchemists, and going through again ... ... Alchemy Dungeon RPG.

· Transplant from Garakey
· Dungeon is all 100F + α
· Semi-action battle like a rhythm game
· New items can be created with alchemy and equipment can be strengthened
· There is also a story. Comical Short Story. (Occurred every 10 F attacks)
· Longitudinal omni-directional playing support (Virtual pad can change position and size of game screen)
· Also supports gamepad

○ Difference from original version
- Various correction adjustment (various replacement of graphics, counters at defense, automatic selling of tools not needed, upgrading of the upper limit number of initial bag warehouse, etc.)
· You receive a ranking fee in net ranking
※ Shiro's great adventure main story is under development ...

■ Original Battle
1. You can attack if the behavior gauge gathers.
2. Since the attack range is displayed, it attacks the monsters in it.
3. A bar like a rhythm game comes out.
4. The timing is good and the power of attack increases.
If it is perfect it will cast a deathbed!
Same for defense. When timing is good, damage reduction is done.
If it is perfect at the time of defense and it is attacked with a special attack!

· At the beginning you can use a single material to make money.
· The number of combinations increases as you advance the dungeon attack.
· You can strengthen by alchemy with the same equipment.
· Recipe can be refined for items that you have made once.
· Alchemist just examines the search points of the dungeon. The degree of rare and the number which can be obtained by the strength of the glove of the accessory change.

■ Dungeon
· Random automatic generation dungeon every time
· Boss waits for every 10 F
· There are tricks with keys, poisonous swamps, darkness and other tricks. You can make a strategy item with an alchemist.

■ Other
· You can steal. Contact the enemy when the skill is a glove.
· There is also [magic]. The range of attack is wider than ordinary attack, and from a distance, you can attack monsters at once.
· You can get items with 【Gacha】. Gacha with money I sold items I do not need.
· Use [procurement] function to collect alchemical materials conveniently.
· [Cryptographer] You can exchange with a good one if you enter the cipher you get in the game of AORYU. (The smart version can not be used.)
· PC version · Browser game version also available

▽ Other
· Medals purchased through in-app billing will be handed over even if you choose from the beginning.
· Only a few medals are available in the game. It is recommended to use this for additional hierarchy release.
- We are preparing capture information on the introduction page of this game on the AORYU site.
· For troubles and requests, please contact the AORYU bulletin board or support e-mail. Since I can hardly check reviews, I will go to the site. Feel free to (· ω ·)
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.9
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