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Hey? Do you know it?
Why does that girl put on "a Red Hood?"――…
Forbidden dark fairy tale "Red Hood" hushed up to darkness
『The falsehood is infected, and the truth is told』
Escape game×back children's story adventure!
~~~ Escape Darkness LittleRedHood ~~~
*Back children's story escape game about the children's story "Red Hood"
*A mystery is removed with a story! The conventional adventure escape game that I got away, and added a scenario to a game!
*The future changes by your action! It is the adventure escape game that adopted multi-ending.
*Play free and is the free time and stage system which can play even in a slight spare time.
*It is simple, and the operation is simple to be able to enjoy it to an escape game beginner - senior!
⇒How to play
*Let's get away from the forest of the darkness.
*The interested place taps it. Do item and card "of the" secret hide?
*I just use the item which got and combine it with other items and will try it in various ways!
*[hint] can get a hint about the escape by pushing the button.
⇒It is recommended in such one!
*The person who loves Gothic and a fairy tale, a children's story
*The story person who I get away, and want to play a game belonging to it with the story
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.4
19 Rating(s), 9 Comment(s)
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