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Forest Life: Happy Garden is a free game where you can create a garden just for you with cute animals.

★How to play the "neighbor"
Try to increase the friend from the search and recommendations.
Let's go to the plaza of My list friend
→ try to get a friend coin stroking the animals!
Get a friend coins and other players come to their own plaza!
Try to get a friend Shop Limited of animals and decorations in the friend coin.

★Lots of ways to play
Collect coins from cute houses
Collect produce and fruit from fields and trees
Acquire recipes and cook lots of dishes
Give food to the animals to show them love
Listen to the animals' requests
Get personal animals
Freely decorate like in a miniature garden game
Progress through the puzzle and collect animals

★Recommended for these people
People who like animals and cute buildings
People who like city building games
People who like farm and miniature garden games
People who like to enjoy games at their own pace
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.0
20 Rating(s), 3 Comment(s)
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