One knight who lost his own body,
sets out to a journey for finding his own mind...
Simple attack action and exhilarating smashing!
World appear seamless!
One knight who lost his own body and one cat. a wistful journey for remembrance.
Unwasted materials collection system that you grow strong enough to replay.
Just attacking gives exhilaration! Fresh battle that killed enemies smash up!!
Smash all enemies with varied weapons and skills!
Over 150 kinds of enemies are waiting! be extremely cautious about giant beast!!
There are many detection in the world you walk in!
Town, Dungeon, Training yard, Black crystal, etc...
Event, Mind, Treasure box and formidable enemies. There are large helping of pleasure!
One knight who have only a armor and one cat who live in knight's armor.
they go on a journey for finding his mind.
Every person you meet have a wistful secret.
When reach the end of a journey, certainly you may wish to replay this journey for remembrance.
Not just for collection but for more growth!
Every 300 kinds of equipments and items have each significance!
The knight changes his looks in tune with his equipped weapon or armor!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.9
23 Rating(s), 0 Comment(s)
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