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"Situation Boyfriend Alarm" is now released! Characters from "Situation Boyfriend," acted by outstanding voice actors, wake you up with soft, sweet voices, and sometimes in a serious tone.
The first boyfriend to wake you up is Yukito (CV: Yuusuke Shirai) from "Sleep Well" voice pack series!

◆◇Introducing your Boyfriends◆◇
Character's Profile
Name: Yukito
Age: 23
Job: Illustrator
Actor: Yuusuke Shirai (Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! GAME!, IDOLiSH7, i☆chu etc.)

Characters from ““Situation Boyfriend,”” played by outstanding voice casts, will wake you up through this app! The first Boyfriend is “Sleep Well” Yukito (CV: Yuusuke Shirai)!

・The more you use this app, the more voices you get!
When you use ““Situation Boyfriend Alarm,”” you and the Boyfriends get closer to each other. The more you get closer to the Boyfriends, the more voices you can set as alarm sounds! Collect voices and complete all of them!
・Sleep together with your boyfriend on “Sleep Together Mode!”
Sleep with your favorite Boyfriend by setting the app to “Breath Mode”! Feel his breath and sleep tight.
You are able to get alarm voices from the Store! Enjoy your favorite Boyfriend wake you up in various situations!
Listen to the voices you have from your Album anytime, anywhere!

◆◇What is ‘the star-studded voice app’ ““Situation Boyfriend””?◆◇
400,000 downloads achieved! Over 1,200 voices are FREE!
Characters acted by outstanding voice actors will sooth you with soft, sweet words.
Install the app if you haven’t yet and enjoy the Boyfriends’ honeyed voices!

◆◇Credits & Misc.◇◆
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/sugar_apps
Producer: https://twitter.com/masashi_itaya
Official LINE: http://line.me/ti/p/%40sugarapps
Official Website: http://sugar-apps.tumblr.com/
Concept and Design: SugarBeats
Program: Gamekozo
Production Assist: CreativeFreaks
Illustrator: gamu
Localization: Erica Anno
Copyright: ©SugarApps, ©SugarRain
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.5
116 Rating(s), 9 Comment(s)
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