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[This game is no longer in operation.]


Super Sentai Legend Wars is an RPG themed on Super Sentai developed by BANDAI NAMCO.

*Jump into battle with just one flick! Assembling as 3D models, fight with a huge range of heroes!
Easy to learn controls - attack and unleash special skills all with just one flick.
Assemble your main Sentai and aim to unleash V Special Attacks! If you exhaust your Souls (cost), then it's time to change your active Sentai!

*A whole range of new card illustrations full of Super Sentai charm!
Featuring a unique illustration for each Super Sentai. Cards of the highest rarity even have an animated illustration!

*Nostalgic scenes are recreated alongside an original story.
Progress through the game as the original "Super Sentai Legend Wars" story unfolds. New chapters are scheduled to be released periodically!

*That scene you remember watching those years ago will appear as an in-game item!
These nostalgia-inducing scenes appear as in-game items called Legendaiya. Use the power contained in various Legendaiya to seize victory!

*Memory-filled tunes also feature in-game.
The theme songs of over 40 different works come together in full force! Enjoy these theme songs while playing!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.3
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