Put your soul into the D-pad!
It is the fighting game like the "Street Fighter"!
Do input the Special command to the authentic-looking game controller !
Down with rivals by the Special Moves!
Who is the most strongest fighter?
The fighters has unique fighting style each.
The 6 fighters has each story.
Sometime rival, Sometime friend...
And now, The battle begins.
#1 Kon
Training for the strength of truth.
He is looking for friend Kenzo who disappeared suddenly.
#2 Kazuaki
The tyrant of the Miharadai town.
Kon's crony. But his dog is cute.
#3 Aokin
The wandering gunman. Also he is a bassist prodigy.
And now, he is aiming at governing the whole country by music with Kon.
#4 ChanYuli
Daughter of Baker's. She is very excitable than a man.
Her driving at delivery of bread is so fast that like the "Initial D".
#5 Evil Kon
Kon was looking for friend Kenzo.
But... He stepped into a evil zone...probably.
#6 Kenzo
Best friend of Kon. He is full of curiosity.
He stepped into a evil zone then disappeared suddenly.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.5
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