■The game provides multi-languages support

Take an adventure into the world of the unknown with Nene the tomboy troublemaker and the machine engineer prodigy named Lantern.
Meet interesting characters overflowing with unique personalities and share their fun stories. Also, look for colleagues to go with on new adventures together!
Through an array of exciting and humorous situations, find the various clues and collect the items you want to use.
By using the items in certain combinations, new and unique solutions will appear!
You can enjoy BTB alone or compete with friends by sharing your status through social media as you clear the episodes.
BTB has a very long waiting time after clearing each episode if you want to play for free. But if you buy the game, you can play immediately without any delay! Also, if you purchase a Season Pass, you can play all the episodes in that season as soon as each update is available.
[Features of BTB]
★ Ice Age + Steampunk = unique worldview visuals!
★ It’s like watching an animation filled with lively display and graphics!
★ Sometimes cleverly and sometimes whimsically, you’ll encounter a wide range mysteries to spark your imagination and keep you entranced!
★ Uncover the hidden backstories of the loveable new characters as you follow the grand storyline that constantly adds new levels of depth to a truly unique game world!
★ A chat feature to talk in real-time with other online users and a community service network.
★ The new episodes and contents are continuously updated throughout the season!
BTB: Want to learn more about Nene & Lantern?
For additional details, check out the news by visiting our home page!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.0
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