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This application is a game created for the purpose of training new graduate employees of NHN PlayArt.


Welcome to the world of JARAPOKO, a game that combines medal pusher and battles!

Fired medals become soldiers and battle against enemies!
Both enemies and allies drop medals when they are damaged!
Catch the medals and treasure chests on the stage by moving the "caldron"!

-Swipe the left half of the screen left and right to control the caldron.
-Tap the right half of the screen to launch medals.
*You can also launch medals automatically!

-Catch medals and treasure chests with the caldron to obtain them.
-Collecting 7 "orbs" will trigger the jackpot.
-Orbs have a certain probability of appearing when you get a magical box.
-The multiplier of the treasure chests and magical boxes that appear increases by switching the "medal BET".
-"Treasure gauge" accumulates when you get treasure chests, and when the gauge is full, a "Book of Reinforcement" will drop on the stage.
-When the gauge fills up, a "Book of Reinforcement" will drop on the stage.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 1.8
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