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The game is free to play until the end.

■ Difficulty of solving the puzzle (intermediate to advanced)
The game is equipped with a hint function so that even beginners can arrive at the answer.
We've also got the answers for you if you get stuck.

It's simple, just tap.

■How to play (operation instructions)
Tap on anything that looks suspicious to investigate.
Use the items you obtain to solve the mystery.
Tapping an item in the item list once will select it.
Tap an item in the item list twice to enlarge it.
You can also combine other items with the enlarged item.

Try different things and try to escape.

■ Tips for clearing the level If you get stuck, try changing your way of thinking.
You may want to break down the hints that give you the answer and think about them, or try to convert or replace them into something else.
If you get stuck, take a break and refresh your mind.
A change of mood might help you approach it from a different perspective.

Do your best to clear the level without any hints!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.5
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