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Master, welcome to the world of Mirren!
This is the sanctuary in the hearts of all creatures,
a world without conflicts.

Historical heroes have all transformed into 'Stigmata,'
and you—as the master of all 'Stigmata'—
will join hands with the 'Witch' to summon 'Stigmata,' embarking together on an adventure to discover the truth...

Over the 120,000-year history of Mirren, angels, humans, elves, demons, beastmen, and dragons have appeared in turns. The blending of races and conflicts of faith have repeatedly challenged order with overlapping prosperity and disaster...
Until the chief deity, Liliya, offered the final note for this chaotic prelude: she absorbed all the sins of humanity, attributing all chaos to herself, thus initiating an era of innocence in Mirren before disappearing unexpectedly.

As the master of all 'Stigmata' in this world, you will join hands with the Witch to summon Stigmata, embarking on an unknown adventure journey, continuing to write this epic of innocence..."
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.3
4912 Rating(s), 4536 Comment(s)
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