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◈From ordinary to extraordinary, shape your own destiny.
◈Refine pills, tame heavenly flames, customize Combat skills, forge bonds with sect friends, and compete alongside a million players!

▶ Restore the Classic
Play the original plot and achieve Path to the God of Combats
"Battle Through the Heaven" is authorized by the original animation and faithfully restores the classic, allowing you to experience the classic plot in an immersive manner!

▶ Idle Gaming
Idle to become stronger, everyone can become God
Non-stop offline gains. Increase your strength in combat and conquer the world with little effort!

▶ Multi-dimensional Growth
Thousands of Combat Skills to match, Heavenly Flame and Monster Pets accompany
Flame Mantra and Gear are two major growth systems. Thousands of Combat Skills to match, and there are Heavenly Flame, Monster Pets and Companions to help. Whether fighting alone or mixing with multiple players, finding the right match and enjoying the battle!

▶ Open Sect
Sects help each other, friends join together
The game provides rich Sect gameplay. You can freely establish Sects, recruit talents, and achieve the strongest Sect. Complete Sect Quest, feed Sect Spirit Animals to obtain large amounts of scarce resources. Sect friends can increase training speed by imparting!

▶ Thousands of Competitions
Cross-server hot-blooded duel, thousands of people on the same screen
Friends compete, Sect connections, Endless Rivalry and other single server and cross-server PVP gameplay. You can develop alone or team up with friends to fight!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.4
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