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Your days are spent as a simple maid in service to a powerful vampire lord. Luckily, the lord you serve is kind and gentle with you, as long as you let him drink your blood. Just as your relationship with your lord begins to move beyond professional, your beautiful estate is stormed by angry vampire hunters. At first, the leader of the group thinks you’re just another trapped human, but then he realizes you have a secret that runs through your veins…

After learning about your special bloodline, you find your loyalty to your vampire lord is both a blessing and a curse. Suddenly, vampires from far and wide want a taste of you, and not in the way your lord does. Will you stand with your lord, or will you join with the rough but charming vampire hunters?


Eldon — Your Benevolent Vampire Lord

Unlike other vampires, Eldon cares deeply about the humans in his estate and has never seen you as just a source of free blood. His days are filled with the burdens of running his estate, but he always makes time for you. As things heat up, you notice Eldon’s watchful gaze around every corner. Is this new, or has he always been this interested in you? When the time comes, will you choose to be Eldon’s one and only?

Clyde — Your Protective Vampire Hunter

Suave and a little rough around the edges, Clyde hopes to win your heart with his unbridled passion and fierce loyalty. What starts as an attempt at liberating another human quickly becomes a meaningful partnership when he realizes that you are more than you appear. Clyde is willing to give you all he has, but will you return the favor?

Albion — Your Strict Head Butler

As the head butler of your estate, Albion keeps his emotions under strict control… However, you notice his gaze seems to linger a little longer than one would expect from their boss. Albion may not express himself openly, but as the two of you grow closer, you realize you’re more alike than you first realized. Will you take his hand and unravel the secrets of your bloodlines together?
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