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Persona 5: The Phantom X is a Full-Fledged Persona 5 Spin-off Jointly developed by Perfect World Games, Sega, and Atlus, coming to Mobile and PC.

Persona 5: The Phantom X i focuses on the theme of “desires” as another ragtag group of students awakens to their Personas, in an era where people are filled with low desire and motivations, a young man meets a mysterious old man with a long nose in an underwater room, a talking owl, and goes on an adventure to take down Palaces just like the Phantom thieves.

■ Protagonist, Codename Wonder
Your playable character, and a second year at Kiba academy (yes, not Shujin Academy!). Following an unexpected event, he awakens to his Persona and has been living alone thanks to his parents often traveling abroad. he lives in Zoshigaya Tokyo, a new district to Persona 5. He wields the Persona Janosick, based on Juraj Jánošík, a folk hero and thief, whose deeds are often attributed to Robin Hood.

■ Arai Suwa, Code Name: Closer
A second-year student and classmate of the protagonist. She has an active and cheery personality and fights with her hands. She wields the Persona Awilda based on the female pirate.

■ Luffy, Codename Cattle
A mysterious creature in the form of an owl that can talk, and transform into a van! He wields the person Rob Roy based on Rob Roy Macgregor, the Scottish outlaw who was later known as a folk hero.
And of course, the Protagonist with Joker, and the rest of the Phantom Thieves will be making an appearance too!

■ World Exploration
In Persona 5 X you’ll be able to walk around this world’s version of Tokyo, but from a new perspective! You can see the character being controlled with a virtual thumbstick on the bottom left of the screen, as he passes by Shibuya and all of its stores and activities.
Persona 5 X maintains the series’ turn-based RPG combat system, this time with modified UI elements for the game to make it simpler. You can see the character movement order on the top left of the screen, ad when attacking you can also see the characters’ current element and attack type to help you gauge weaknesses better.
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.1
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