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Embark on an exciting adventure in the Witch World, a fantastical realm overshadowed by the looming darkness. Beware, monsters abound in every corner. As a valiant member of the Witch House, it is your duty to rise up and valiantly defend your beloved home!
In the enchanting realm of the fantasy game world, you can endlessly vanquish foes, summon your allies, hone your skills, and triumph over the menacing monsters. Brace yourself, as waves of monsters are approaching. Are you prepared for the challenge? Keep accumulating the EXP and gold left behind by the monsters to bolster your combat prowess!

-Dozens of fantastical maps await your exploration, along with a diverse cast of monsters and bosses!
-Unique achievement system, where completing specific tasks and challenges will reward you with generous prizes and honors!
-Engage in intriguing mining gameplay, digging deep for resources and treasures hidden within the veins!
-As the game progresses, you'll unlock even more thrilling free features that will empower your witches to new heights!

-Each time you ascend to a new level, you will be presented with a random witch companion or skill to choose from. Make strategic decisions and lead your chosen ones into battle!
-Two witches of the same level can merge into a higher-level witch. Witches reaching a certain level can unlock unique awakening skills.
-Every action you take will affect the battle situation,control the placement and combination of each witch's position.

-Beautiful anime character painting.
-All kinds of witches have their own unique skills and characteristics.
-Choose from five distinct witch professions: mechanic, assassin, warrior, gunslinger, and mage.
-Different commanders with different weapons can achieve different effects.

Witch Tower:Travel" is an intriguing pixel art tower defense game that incorporates unique RPG and Roguelike elements, presenting players with a captivating challenge in defense strategy.
Download "Witch Tower:Travel" now and embark on an exciting adventure in the enchanting world of witches!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.8
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