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On a Earth in a different dimension, the evolutionary path goes towards a different direction. Various small to medium-sized animals have evolved into highly intelligent beings while maintaining some of their original traits. As time progressed, they became the dominant species of the world.

In Woo!topia, you'll be a red panda and lead your friends in search of a new habitat since your clan's water source has been polluted by the Moths. You will work together with other residents to establish an independent and thriving town while defending against the Moth's relentless invasion, making the wonderland come true.
1. Embark on a Magical Journey

Bizarre events happen everywhere and everytime in this enchanting jungle world. Meet more animals to have unique experiences.

2. Enjoy Shopkeeping

In your town, you can assign residents to manage different shops, decorate the shops, and customize them in various styles. Visitors attracted to the town can also interact with the facilities.

3. Encounter Different Residents

You are not alone in this cozy town. You are both the Mayor and a friend to the residents, sharing in their life moments, fulfilling their needs, and witnessing the uniqueness of their lives.

4. Explore Diverse Maps

Ready to take on dragons in epic battles? Or venture through pipes to explore different worlds? WooTopia allows you to immerse yourself in the diverse cultures of various continents and discover hidden treasures throughout the land.

5. Fun with Friends

Engage in playful activities with your friends and freely decorate your homes, creating friendly competitions. Enjoy mini-games and visits to strengthen your bonds and forge lasting friendships.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/WooTopia/100093990799009/
Discord: https://discord.gg/GP9yG5CV75
Offcial Mail Adress: garulustudiooffcial@gmail.com
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.0
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